MIFF Film Judging Form
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Scoring guidelines:
Outstanding = As good as it gets
Next Down = Should make an excellent living at this
Next Down = Should make a good living at this
Average = Will not starve doing this
Next Down = There is hope
Next Down = Keep trying
Awful = This work is sadistic, get out of this business!
Judge's Evaluation:
Script (0-10):
Directing (0-10):
Acting / Voice Work (0-10):
Cinematography / Animation (0-10):
Lighting Design (0-10):
Sound Design (0-10):
Art Direction (sets & costumes) (0-10):
Graphics (titles open & close) (0-10):
Editing (0-10):
Overall Quality (0-10):

(Some judging categories may not apply to some productions or you may have no opinion in some categories. If a category is not applicable write NA in place of a score, the total score will be adjusted up by proportionately distributing the value of the not applicable category(s).)

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