Ghost Hunters of the Space Coast

The Halloween Season was upon us and the new 3 Boys Production--
"Ghost Hunters of the Space Coast" was premiered Friday October 20th 2000 at 7-9 P.M. at the Melbourne Beach Community Center  This is truly a treat for locals interested in the paranormal events surrounding the greater Melbourne community. The 3 Boys ---Terry Cronin, Jeff Hall, and Pat (Gasman) Martin personally visited the sites of these notorious hauntings and were present during an unusual seance in Melbourne. Calling themselves the Ghost Hunters of the Space Coast, they have set out to document unusual paranormal events. The film is hosted by Papa Doc Cronin, noted physician, world traveler and self -taught cultural anthropologist..
The trailer for "Ghosthunters..." initially showed at
the 2000 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

Highlights include:
The haunted restaurants---
Miguel's Posada Del Rey, Ashley's, & Murray's Coffee to a Tea.
Interviews with local mystics--Rick Skauge & Linda Heyes
The Henegar Center
Unusual footage from a local seance
Interviews with
Christine Jones --Famous witch and trance-medium,
Billy Cox--- Journalist

Intrigued by the paranormal activitites on the east coast of Florida, a
special band of filmmakers have set out to document the most unusual and
unexplained incidents to occur in the greater Melbourne, Florida area. Terry
Cronin, Jeff Hall, and Pat (Gasman) Martin call themselves the

"Ghost Hunters of the Space Coast".
They are aided in their quest to document the supernatural by physician,
world traveler, and self-taught cultural anthropologist, Papa Doc Cronin.

---Papa Doc at Desk---
Some people say that the town of Melbourne, Florida is paradise on Earth...
but beneath its beautiful exterior is a veritable tinderbox of spiritual
activity that is only now beginning to smolder.

It is truly amazing the sheer amount of unexplained activity that has been
reported in this small east coast Floridian town. We sent our cameras out to
document some of the more bizarre incidents, to interview some of the
spiritually sensitive of our community as well as to meet some of the, shall
we say, "victims" of  hauntings.

Most reports of hauntings have to do with spirits that are considered
Such is the case with the haunted places in Melbourne. Interestingly, many
restaurants seem to be the sites of our most well-known hauntings. Is this
good for business or these spirits just crave fine food?

Nestled in the Space Coast's oldest beach community is the coffee shop and
restaurant, Murray's Coffee to a Tea, on Ocean Avenue in beautiful Melbourne
Built as a home in the early 1920's, this site was recently transformed into
a quaint and popular eating establishment. But according to members of the
staff, there may be more to the house then just the fine food and decor.

Built in 1926, the Sloan House on New Haven Avenue now is home to the fine Mexican restaurant, Miguel's Posada del Rey. During the prohibition era, "Doc" Sloan was a well-known bootlegger who ran his business from this Mediterranean styled house which was then at the edge of town. There have been numerous reports of a child spirit named "Cora".

The fine restaurant, Ashley's, on US 1 in Rockledge was built in the 1920's
and has been nationally recognized as one of the nation's premier haunted
locations. Shown on numerous television shows and profiled in Arthur Myer's "The Ghostly Register", the restaurant was the subject of a series of investigative articles for the Florida Today by veteran journalist, Billy
Cox. Unexplained photographs have been taken at Ashley's and have shown
incomparable ghostly images.Psychics have theorized that Ethyl Allen who is buried in a lonely cemetary on Merritt Island is one of the spirits which now haunts Ashley's.

Theaters are often reported as haunts for restless spirits. Melbourne is no
different where its own Henegar Center for the Arts is reportedly visited by
a spirit named Jonathan. Built initially as Melbourne High School in the
early 1920's, the building fell into decay in the latter part of the 20th
century and almost demolished. Despite adversity a group of civic and
artistic-minded individuals calling themselves the Brevard Regional Arts
Group worked to renovate the building into the showcase theater it is now.
Part of the group that worked renovate the building was the community theater group, The Indian River Players, who brought with them an interesting guest. Jonathan, reportedly was a traveling ghost who moved from one haunt to another. This brings us to our next haunt that of a Melbourne woman who purposely haunted her own house with the spirit of her mother-in-law.
Linda Heyes

Spiritualists of all kinds are finding their way to the Space Coast. Some
believe they know the reason why.

Christine Jones is probably the most famous living witch. She was the last
student of the world-renowned witch, Sybil Leek, who before her passing
resided in Melbourne Beach. Christine won national notoriety when she won an anti-discrimination case against her employer that insured the civil rights for all witches in America.The Ghost Hunters sat in on a particulary interesting seance performed by Christine Jones who reportedly can connect people with their dead loved ones through a talent she calls a  trance-medium.

Truly bizarre images were captured using motion picture film at the time of
this seance. Some have described these pictures as spiritual "auras" that
will not show up on video. Is this more testimony to Christine Jones' power?

Unusual theories and strange pictures....
these are not the hard objective evidence that science demands as proof...
But they remain intriguing. The Ghost Hunters of the SpaceCost will continue to document and research the bizarre happenings in this community and only time will tell the outcome of their endeavors. If you have unusual
information, please contact the Ghost Hunters at
Until then... Beware....

Donations were accepted at the door and
copies of the videotape were available as this will surely be a local cult
classic for Halloween. All donations will go to the charity, Unconditional Love, Inc.
Spread the word and Happy Halloween!

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