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History 101

3 Boys Productions began as a simple conversation in 1998 between three friends, Terry Cronin, Bob Lizek, and Pat Gasman Martin. Despite the decline of major movie standards, they all shared a basic love of film and felt that they could make movies that would be an alternative to the status quo. Cronin and Martin were already collaborators on early video projects as well as founders of the band, "The Truth Hurts". Bob Lizek, whose rugged good looks and charm had involved him in major productions, like "Contact" and " Armageddon", was the group's star-powered "face-man".
Without the funds for major production, the 3 Boys set out to push the envelope on low budget filmmaking. With the help of filmmakers, Abel Klainbaum and Julian Martin, and the Alliance Film/ Video Co-Op in Miami Beach, they produced their first film, "Under the Bridge". Shot on 16mm and coming in on a budget of less than $1700, the film gained the 3 Boys instant notoriety for its gritty portrayal of the homeless people living under the Melbourne, Florida causeway. Despite its graphic violence, its dark sense of humor rewarded the viewer with imagery rarely seen in movies.
The film premiered at the Henegar Center of the Arts and was received exuberantly and with unusual but marked reaction in the press.
On the heels of this success, the 3 Boys Production group began to entertain the idea of forming a film festival that would be a major cultural event in Melbourne.

Plans for the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (MIFF) moved into high gear in 1999. With the support of Jeff Hall, a fine actor and voice impressionist, who mastered the website, the MIFF came to fruition in September of 1999.
The Alliance Film/ Video Co-Op, the Space Coast Filmmakers, Inc., and the Space Coast chapter of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association actively promoted this festival.
It featured nine films by very talented filmmakers such as Claudia Costa, Michael Gonzalez, Christine Jones, Abel Klainbaum, Bob Krissak, Louis Lowy, Anthony Miller, Tom Mumme, Eric Steinberg, as well as two films by 3 Boys Productions, "Crisp" and "The Ride".
"The Ride" written and directed by Pat Gasman Martin is an autobiographical tale about a limousine driver and the beautiful woman who calls him for a "ride". It had already shown at the 1999 Anti-Film Fest on South Beach and the 1999 West Palm Beach Film Festival.
"Crisp" was co-directed by Cronin and Martin and premiered at the 1999 MIFF. "Crisp" chronicles the ramifications on a small town and the nation when an accident occurs involving liposuction on the superstar, "Cinnamon". Shot entirely with digital technology, "Crisp" continued the 3 Boys tradition of "Fiesta Filmmaking" which entails involving as many people as possible in the production of a film following the adage "the more the merrier"
The 1999 MIFF was a rowdy good time and a cultural feather in the cap for Melbourne and for 3 Boys Productions.

At this time Bob Lizek was approached by a major company and asked to relocate
to the cold northeast. Now centered in Massachusetts, he is a sorely missed member of the group but is still a firm advocate of the independent spirit.

Jeff Hall was tapped to fill the shoes of the third boy and has done so with a vengeance. The website under his direction exploded into the new millennium and the submissions for the MIFF 2000 were numerous and came from around the world. Because of this astounding interest, the 3 Boys decided to make the MIFF 2000 into a charitable event and chose a local HIV/AIDS charity, Unconditional Love, Inc., to be the recipient of this new fundraiser.
The selections for the MIFF 2000 were made through the assistance of a dedicated selection committee who made very difficult decisions about each film. A slate of fine
films were decided upon and included....

In Memory of Laura & Purgatory by M. Frank of Coogee, Australia
This Side of Summer by Tonje Cicilie Nordgaard of Hollywood, California
The Great Hunger- The Life and Songs of Shane MacGowan by Mike Connelly of London, England
3 Rms: No Vu by John Stein of Ft. Pierce, Florida
My Uncle Sidney by Timothy Dee of Lafayette, Louisiana
Punctuality by Joseph Tartaglia of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Punk Pretty by Jackie Joice of California
Head Trip by Patrick Cox of Oviedo, Florida
In The Open by Laura Sherman & Mandy Wildman of Clearwater, Florida
Underdogs by Glenn Friedel, Washington, DC
The Girls from H.A.R.M. by Pat Bishow of New York, New York
The Gypsy Years by Courtney Lyn Williams & Rebecca Anne Bagley,Waterton, MA
Indigo Wisemen by Paul Sullivan of New York City, New York
Laughing Boy by Brazil J. Grisaffi of Houston Texas
Conversations with Dog Chi Chiby Zhang & Linda Thornberg of Hollywood, Florida
Puta De Oros (The Golden Whore) by Miquel Crespi of Barcelona, Spain
Blue Turning Grey Over You by Ruba Nadda of Toronto, Ontario
Sergi by Paul Sullivan & Dan Cronin of New York, New York
Johnny Bagpipes by Todd Korgan of Portland, Oregon
March by Michael Gonzalez & Louis Lowy of Miami, Florida
Chris O'Connell-Yeah by Paul Sullivan & Rob Paravonian
Survival of The Illest by Michael Kennedy of New Orleans, Louisiana

Meanwhile the 3 Boys were documenting local reports of the supernatural for their documentary "Ghost Hunters of the Space Coast"