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(Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival)

2002 Friday Nite Program

was held on September 13th 2002
(Friday the 13th )

Metrocinema Cafe and Bogart's Lounge
3020 West New Haven Avenue
West Melbourne, FL 32904
(NE Corner of 192 & Wickham Road)

Map (PDF Format)

6-7 PM
Filmmakers reception and check-in

- Friday Nite -
Friday the 13th Creature Feature

6-7 PM
Reception Metrocinema Cafe and Bogart's Lounge

7:00 PM
2.15 minute Preview

Ashley's Shadow
Directed by Ryan Lewis
Ghostly hunting's abound at local restaurant.

7:03 PM
4 minute Preview
Wiccan's Lair
Directed by Patrick Cox

7:07 PM
Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow
Directed by Michael A. Hoffman and Jason Daly. Mr. Longfellow (Joel D. Wynkoop of "Dirty Cop No Donut") is working at a used car dealership. There, he spins three tales of horror to Don Leifert dealing with zombies, slashers and psychological terror. Featuring Felissa Rose ("Sleepaway Camp"), Joe Estevez ("Soultaker")
and Robert Z'Dar ("Tango and Cash").

7:10 PM

Dead Wood
* * US Premiere * *
Directed by David Bryant, Sebastian Smith, & Richard Stiles. Dead Wood was made for a competition run by UrbanChillers.com and Apple, to make a 2 minute horror film. Dead Wood was the first collaboration with Sebastian Smith and Richard Stiles. (Groovy Badger) and David Bryant (Bryant Brothers Productions).

7:13 PM

Reaper Madness
Directed by Philip & Robert Snyder
Rick,an over-the-hill punk rocker and his girlfriend enter a graveyard
in the dead of night with plans to party and instead encounter the Grim Reaper.

7:21 PM

Edgar Allen Poe's Tales of Mystery
(2002, USA, 4m) Directed by Jose A. Acosta
Edgar Allen Poe as host of his own Twilight Zone-like horror anthology series? It could happen, and does, in Acosta's highly amusing short that follows the writer of The Raven through a hard day on the set (even in his humbling life, Poe wasn't subject to this sort of humiliation). With exemplary, shadowy CGI work and an excellent vocal performance provided by Acosta himself.

7:25 PM
The Open Window
Directed by Noah Arntson
Ghost stories are as old as the woods. -- But not to a freak beggar called the Tin-Can Man. He's out terrorizing the locals, until a peasant girl makes sure to give him "run for his money."
Noah Arntson and Jason Behnkeonly were pursued by armed ATF agents conducting a coincidental pot bust while filming this film in the Los Angeles National Forest.

7:30 PM

Heart of Gold
Written and Directed by Guido Jimenez- Cruz
(2000, Spain, 10m) In the early 1800's, in a small Genesee Country town, everybody regards Mr. Claghorn as a remarkable husband and gentleman. But appearances are deceiving, even those that come from the beyond.This film based on an early 19th century ghost tale by G. W. Kündelicht received the Best Photography Award in the International Film Festival of Elche, Spain, and was selected in the Boston, Huelva and Alcalá de Henares film festivals, among others.

7:40 PM

(2002, Canada,19.5 m)
Written, directed, edited and co-produced by John
It's a steamy day at the cemetery. A grave robbing widow has just met a new special someone. Love is in the air, but a nasty undertaker and his axe-wielding partner in crime have other plans for the young lovers…
Featuring an original score by Mitch Dorge of Crash Test Dummies.

8:00 PM

Brain Juice
10 minutes Directed by Micah Chambers-Goldberg

8:10 PM

Scary Stories for Kids
Written, produced, and directed by Vince Courtney
A wonderful collection of three yarns spun by that master storyteller and fun loving corpse, Gator Butt Willie. No guts. No gore. Just old fashioned fun. Vince Courtney is also the author of seventeen books for adults, young adults and children. His book, Virtual Fred, was an alternate selection of The Children’s Book of the Month Club. He is the author of Die Laughing listed as one of the best books of the year in Books for the Teen Age 95, and published in Germany as Das Grab Des Hexers.

8:36 PM

Directed by Wil Petty

8:52 PM
Freak Box
Directed by Brett Ingram 1:20m
Bizarre droids and robots orchestrate the production of freakish heads conveyed continuously into the television of a placid couple watching from their couch. Ingram's sculpting, animation and production values are very strong, and this is a trenchant work.

8:54 PM
Directed by Nicky Loi
There is a serial killer on the loose.Dubbed "The 9mm Killer" by the local press, this serial killer has already claimed 6 victims, all found dead after being shot execution style. After a detailed survey of the various crime scenes that appear to be linked to each other, the 9mm Killer seemingly preys on motorists sitting in cars. The victim's vehicles are often abandoned, and blood drops found in the car indicate that the Killer would strike his victims, then transport them to remote areas for the henious executions.John is about to find out how it is to be one of his victims.

8:59 PM
Rear View Mirror
Directed by Robert Snyder (2001, USA, 5:30m)
While driving her father's Toyota Corolla, a young girl is baffled when her double appears to be following her…operating her own vehicle, a Toyota Echo. She investigates the mystery and ends up in a strange, life loop.

9:05 PM
Something Always Happens (Irgendwas Ist Immer)
Directed by Andreas Dihm
Animated Short - Germany

9:18 PM

15m Directed by Malik Booth malikbooth@hotmail.com

- Friday Nite -
Late Nite Special
(Exploitation and the Pleasantly Strange)

10:05 PM

Cheerleader Ninjas
Directed by Kevin Campbell
Cheerleaders and Computer Geeks battle Catholic Schoolgirls to Save the World from Global Internet Zombie Domination! When meddling, self-righteous Church Ladies mistakenly believe that perky Happy Valley Hamster Cheerleaders are responsible for the "Internet smut" invading their children's bedrooms, they decide to take action!The Church Ladies recruit Stephen, once rejected by the cheerleading squad, who burns with the desire for revenge! Now teaching at a parochial school, Stephen recruits slutty schoolgirls to beat some sense into those cheerleading hussies who rejected him! The cheerleaders turn to their arch social enemies, the gaseous, zit-popping computer geeks, to help them learn kung fu. In amazing plot twists, the cheerleaders repeatedly battle the schoolgirls, and somehow the camera shoots the fight scenes looking up from ground level, in slow motion! Lurking in the shadows is the mysterious "Mr. X" who's really using the Cheerleaders and the Computer Geeks as guinea pigs to test his Internet Zombie Domination Software to rule the world!Can the Cheerleaders stop Mr. X's diabolical plans? Will the Computer Geeks learn how to control their flatulence? Will giant fighting Megazord robots stomp out Shoe Heaven? There's only one way to find out-watch "Cheerleader Ninjas!"

11:42 PM

Boobie Girl
Directed by Brooke Keesling
A young girl wishes for large breasts.
Winner of a Student Academy Award© for Animation.

11:47 AM

"Stick Girl's Guide to Safe Sex"
Directed by Bruse Simpson
An uninvited guest pays Stick Girl a visit

11:50 PM

Farmer McCallister's Thinking Machine
Directed by Brady Koch
Down on McAllister's farm there is a cow, a pitchfork, a haggard man, a shed, an evil wife, and a bucket-headed robot. Not to mention lust. Red #2 is coming.
(USA, 13 min) Farmer McAllister is henpecked by his wife and overworked to the point of exhaustion. There seems no solution until he has the sudden inspiration to build a robot from spare parts scrounged from the barn. The robot proves a handy labor-saving device but is both more and less than the McAllisters’ bargained for. A humorous and raunchy, sex comedy.The story of a farmer, his battle-axe wife and the robot that comes between them.

12:03 AM

King Pathetic Creep
Directed by Todd Thompson (USA,11:30 m)
A loser named Jack who uses his roommate’s influence to land a date with his long-time, grade school crush, Susan. Passion blooms until Susan discovers Jack's secret.

12:15 AM
My Legendary Girlfriend: Cynthia Plaster Caster
Directed by Braden King
This documentary presents a snapshot of the life, legend, and philosophy of infamous 60's groupie, Cynthia Plaster Caster as she mounts the first-ever showing of her casts at New York's Threadwaxing Space gallery.

12:24 AM
Thighmaster 2000: The Cellulite Saga
Directed by Cynthia Birkhead

12:27 AM

Looking in the Fishbowl
Directed by Jeremy Habig and James Henschen.
Surreal satire about a young writer unwillingly thrust into the nihilistic city nightlife on his twenty-first birthday.

Movement in Trilogy
(2001, 2 min, Florida)
Directed by Brian Campbell
Gritty abstracted views of motion in human beings through the
concepts of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

1:00 AM

Directed by Don Hertzfeldt
In the spring of 1999, the Family Learning Channel commissioned animator
Don Hertzfeldt to produce promotional segments for their network.
The cartoons were completed in five weeks. The Family Learning Channel rejected all of them upon review, and they were never aired..." A collision between art, commercial culture, and madness. 2000 Academy Award© Nominee, Best Animated Short Film

1:10 AM

Golliwog's Cake Walk
Directed by Christopher Frieri
A sexy and playful nod to early film pioneers and cinematic possibilities of the chase and the strip tease, popular themes from the nickelodeon era. Shot in black and white with minimal dialogue and a haunting original score.

- Friday Nite -
"Future Classics" Select Features Program

7:00 PM

Yard Sale (The Movie)
Directed by Keith Collier & Kirk Collier
The story of three southern sisters dealing with various personal problems and conflicts as they hold a yard sale, not the least of which is their mentally-deteriorating elderly father.

Follow Me Outside
Directed by John Sullivan
It's a romance -- a quirky road movie with strange twists and turns -- about a successful young professional forced to question her basic assumptions. Revolted by her fiancée's shallowness and a career's soullessness, she dumps the selfish guy and ditches the power position. During a long weekend, she links up with an improbable, on-the-edge, failed baseball player and band member, who unbeknownst to her is also wanted for murder


Second Chance
Directed by Billy Holley
Mark Johnson(Jason Bing) is a 28 year-old hell-raiser and is so relentless when it comes to other people's feelings, it will make you quiver. The disappearance of his brother makes Mark realize how much it should have been him. Mark has asked to be forgiven and wants to be given a "Second Chance". Tsong the angel (Salina Chou) guides Mark in the right directions. Still Mark can't prove his innocence from all the killings until he starts to mend his wrongdoings. You'll see.


Again & Again
Directed by Richard Cecere
In this black comedy, a human heart is stolen by a gang led by
"the quotemaster", who speaks only in movie quotes.

7:10 PM

Dodge University:The Movie
80m Produced by Professor Bob Jones and directed by his film students,
A comic look at the everyday life of a film school set in Los Angeles.

8:30 PM

Directed & Co-written by Oliver Robins; Produced & Co-written by Michael Baumgarten. Former child star Oliver Robins (Poltergiest) directed this comedy about two people searching for the perfect roommates. Starring A.J. Buckley ("Disturbing Behavior"), Holly Fields ("Wishmaster 2"), Jennifer Lyons ("Can't Hardly Wait" and a niece of Mr. James Best), Emmy winner Dana Barron, Lisa Brenner ("The Patriot"), Stephen Furst ("Animal House"),
and Adam Wylie ("Picket Fences").

10:00 PM

105m Directed by Charles Riccardi
Tucker Greg Winters sees his whole life change when he accidently hits a jogger and hides on the nearby farm of Martha Thompson, an aging religious widow with strong family valies and a sharp wit.Unaware of Greg's recent history, Martha takes him in as her handyman, paying him with criticism and self-righteous indignation, allowing Greg time to evade the police and fix his truck so he can leave and repair his delicate relationship with his young daughter. As time runs out, the pressure is on for Greg to change his ways, but can he? Or is it just too late?

11:45 PM

Directed by Rob Goodman & Produced by Rob Goodman & Tom Brown.
A juxtaposition between an inanimate object telling the story of an animated world. As passengers come and go inside Taxi 531, little pieces of their lives are left behind. Whether it be a story, a memory, or an object, their brief encounter becomes another page in the infinite history of 531. In essence, 531 is an inanimate sponge that absorbs the little pieces of life left behind by the animated world that climbed inside.

12:57 AM

The Last Supper or How Two Madmen Made a Film
(2001,Slovenia, 92m)
Directed by Vojko Anzeljc
Two patients from a mental institution steal a camcorder from a doctor's office and escape. Their intention is to make a film about a guy who saves a girl and gets to kiss her in the end. How they plan to make the film is astonishing simple: they "use" people they meet as actors, without their realizing it. An impressive first film from Vojko Anzejc, filled with humor and pathos. Even though the characters are walking a thin line between life and death throughout the film, the action, seen through the eyes of these "madmen," appears heartwarming and amusing, even down to the most tragic moments.

M.I.F.F. 2002
is also being held Saturday September 14 at...

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Saturday September 14
625 E New Haven Ave., Melbourne, Fl 32901
Phone: (321) 723-8698

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