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(Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival)

2002 Sat. Day Program

September 14th the MIFF will be held at...

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625 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, Fl 32901
Phone: (321) 723-8698

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Saturday September 14th MIFF Day Program

10:00 AM
Artists of Beijing
Directed by Patrick Cox
A documentary by Patrick Cox and Ya Qiu Dai.
Patrick Cox used his MiniDV digital camera and "the fact that it looks like a typical tourist video camera, I believe, kept me out of communist prison".

10:03 AM
- Preview -
All the World
Directed by Mandy Wildman
An aspiring actress (Laura Sherman) who must read some of Shakespeare's plays begins to notice that her friends and colleagues start taking on strangely Shakespearean characteristics!   This comedy combines five different Shakespeare stories into one modern day tale.

10:05 AM

Babson Entertainment
(2002, USA, 27m) Directed by Louis Lowy
Stanley Babson makes his living as a party clown but longs for a successful career as a stage actor. After encountering one too many obnoxious brats and their controlling parents, he quits the clown business to pursue his dreams.

10:32 AM
Meeting Bob
(2002,USA, 8m) Directed by Joann Tyson
A couple are expecting to meet their daughter’s fiancée.

10:40 AM

The Back Room
27m Directed by Mark Morris
A present day drama about an American man's obsession with a former Nazi who lives in his home town. The story, based on a concept by Hollywood writer Jeffrey Stolzer, was directed by Mark Morris, assistant professor from the University of New Orleans film program.

11:07 AM

Inventing the Darkness
5:30m Directed by Damien Caldwell
Austin, scared by the abuse he encounters at home, searches for an outlet for his anger.

11:13 AM

A Visit From The Incubus
Directed by Anna Biller
Women are warned not to leave open their windows at night, or they might receive an unexpected guest -- an incubus who will violate their bodies as they sleep. Lucy, a young Victorian woman in the Old West, is being tormented by nightly visits from an incubus. She decides to fight back by starting a can-can act in the local saloon, but finds that the incubus is also on the bill. With Technicolor costumes and sets, and old-timey musical numbers.The film explores the theme of female sexuality in the context of the Old West, with dusty sets and well-mannered acting.

11:39 AM
Skyscraper Country
(2002,USA, 13m)
Directed by Andrew James
Two women find they have much in common.

11:52 AM

The Chad Effect
12 minutes
Directed by by Roshie Jones & Produced by Todd Thompson & Balinda DeSantis.
Chads took their toll on the 2000 Presidential election in more ways than one. Reverberations from the controversy were felt around the world, but none felt it more than King Patsa' and Queen Norjean of Mulvany. Who would have guessed their family vacation to the Sunshine State would end so dramatically? With the media focused on the turmoil surrounding the tabulation of voting ballots, the kidnapping of their daughter, Princess Elvia, went largely unnoticed until now.

12:04 PM
The Not-So-Wild East
15 minutes
Directed by Jared DePasquale. Two wannabe cowboys from the East long to become outlaws in the Old West.

12:19 PM

As Far Out As Here(From The Vatican With Love)
17 minutes
Directed by Guido Jimenez Cruz & Leslie Dann
Viñas, freelance reporter without a story and more spirit than Pollyanna, finds himself entangled, with pleasure, in the affairs of a peculiar band of thieves: the sensitive Lucky Caramba, his lovely partner, Dulce, and Mario, their trusty side-kick.

12:36 PM

Die Abenteurerin (The Adventuress)
(1999, Germany, 13 minutes)
Directed by Norbert Baumgarten. Work, life, death, love, Sex, isolation. Three adventurous days in the life of a young woman, who undertakes something.

12:49 PM
(2002, USA, 5 m)
Directed by Tamara Taddeo.
You want to know my world so I'll let you have a peek.


Kleingeld (Small Change)
(2000, Germany, 15 minutes)
Written and directed by Marc-Andreas Bochert.
Every day on the way from the parking lot to his office, a Berlin businessman sees a homeless man begging for coins. Feelings of guilt force the man to give the vagrant change. The ramifications of this simple act have unintended and tragic consequences for both men.The film received an Oscar© nomination for Best Short in 2000.

1:01 PM

(2002, Germany, 3:30 minutes, animation)
Directed by Matthias Daenschel m.liebnitz@hff-potsdam.de
The bull is wild. The man wants to defeat it.For food. And for primeval times. A film about the second oldest relationship of mankind's history.

1:05 PM
Raj or Radge?
(1998, Scotland, 3 minutes)
Directed by Menhaj Huda
A loquacious young man raps about his Asian heritage, his quest for cultural identity, and why he’s more Sco’ish than the Scottish.

1:08 am
Love Furtive Love
(2002, USA, 7 m)
Directed by Luis Reneo Fernandez
When Anna’s husband comes back home unexpectedly, Hercules is forced to hide on the ledge. There’s only one problem, his glasses are still inside the bedroom.

1:15 PM

Sparky D Comes to Town
(2001, Australia, 26 minutes)
Directed by Maciek Wszelaki.
Stretch’s Croatian family tries to keep him in line, but Stretch is more apt to stay out at clubs all night with his girlfriend doing Ecstasy. Stretch has got just over 3 hours to find himself some dinner, make up with his girlfriend, please his parents, and score enough ecstasy to keep his buddies happy!
Winner - Best Director - FlickerFest 2002
Winner - Best Director - Australian Screen Directors' Association 2002
Winner - 2001 AFI AWARD for best Short Screenplay! - Kris Mrksa
Winner - best short film - Dendy Awards - 48th Sydney Film Festival, 2001
Winner - best film - St kilda Film Festival, 2001
Winner - best video production - St kilda Film Festival, 2001
Winner - best editing - St kilda Film Festival, 2001
Winner - WetFest

- 2:00 PM Meet -

  James Best  

This year's guest celebrity is Florida filmmaker, James Best. Mr. Best is best recognized for his role of "Roscoe P. Coltrane" on "The Dukes of Hazzard".

3:00 PM
Meet the Filmmakers Roundtable Q&A

3:30 PM
Meet Dr. Carl D. Bilancione “Survivor Africa

Also appearing Dr. Carl Bilancione
He recently was a participant on the successful CBS series; "Survivor - Africa". Since his participation on Survivor -Africa he has been sought as a motivational speaker.

4:00 PM
Thrust into Space: How the Space Program Changed Brevard County
directed by Bill Williams
Breavrd county, Florida is the only county anywhere with a history of manned space flight. From the early tests using captured V-2 rockets to the moon and beyond, Brevard has grown to international prominence along with the Space Program. This documentary explores the impact that man's race to the stars has had on the land, the people and the history of Brevard County, Florida.

4:04 PM
Tea Time
(2002, USA, 4 m)
Directed by John Stein
MIFF alumnus John Stein's women take care of business over tea.

4:10 PM

39 1/2
Directed by Franziska Meletzky
A tango-loving taxi-driver falls in love with a garbage woman "because the way she moves her bins" is, for him, a most sensual dance. He falls for her, follows her & finally loses her. But wait; he still has got this shoe.

4:23 PM

9 minutes
Directed by Mike Germaine
An elderly woman (Ilse Earl of Porky’s) who is faced with the reality of dealing with the recent passing of her beloved husband. Through the process of remembering and adjustment she is enlightened to the fact that memories aren’t the only things that live on. Produced in conjunction with Encore Productions and The FMU Film Department.

4:32 PM
The Treaty
(2002, USA, 20 m)
Directed by Mike Horan.
What if before you were born, your fate had already been decided?
What if it was predetermined that you had to work for the devil?
An everyday man named Joe finds himself in such a position.

4:52 PM
13 minutes
Directed by Katie T. Damien
Despite an uncertain future, the Shaw family continues to farm and raise cattle in the ever-growing town of Alachua, Florida. Their family’s farming heritage is close to extinction due to their town’s recent industrial growth.

5:10 PM
End of Saturday day Show


M.I.F.F. 2002
is also being held Saturday September 14 at...

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Saturday September 14
625 E New Haven Ave., Melbourne, Fl 32901
Phone: (321) 723-8698

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