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(Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival)

2002 Sat. Nite VIP Program

September 14th the MIFF will be held at...

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625 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, Fl 32901
Phone: (321) 723-8698

Directions / Map

Saturday September 14th MIFF Nite VIP Program

7:00 PM
VIP Reception with food from the areas top restaurants...
Chart House
Da Kine Diego's
King's Chinese Buffet
Meg O'Malley's
Red lobster
Siam Orchid
Thirsty Turtle
Wild Oats
and beverages by
Indian River Brewing (Beer & Kelly's Hard Cider)
Southern Wines & Spirits
Wild Oats
and entertainment by recording artists
Robin & Eddy

8:00 PM
Rockin & Rollin
Directed by Richard Jack & Daniel Greaves
Billiard ball athletes with personality cavorting in their locker room. A rare insight into the possible behind the scenes dynamics of a game of pool.
Best Independent Animation- FAN International Animation Festival 2001

8:05 PM
Directed by Jamie Babbitt
After accidentally mowing down an innocent bystander, a lesbian
couple in their eighties realize they have nothing more in common.
Honorable Mention 2002 Sundance Film Festival

8:13 PM

Strange Invaders
Directed by Cordell Barker
Roger and Doris are a childless couple who get more than they bargained for when a strange child appears at their door one day. Nominated for an Academy Award© 2002--Best animated short film.

8:22 PM

Docker's Spec
(2001,USA, 1m)
Directed by Peter James Cordova
You won't see this one on TV.
Filmed in South Florida

8:23 PM

Sugar Baby
Directed by Ed Wou
Underage youth tries to talk his way into a strip joint

8:27 PM
Alles mit Besteck (Everything with cutlery)
(2001, Germany, 3:22m)
Directed by Franziska Meletzky.
Hospitality is everything in a good restaurant.

8:31 PM


(2001, 12 min, USA.) Directed by Leanna Creel
Christmas, 1914. Inspired by an actual event, OFFSIDE is the tale of a miraculous moment when, during a brief respite in a bloody WWI battle, British and German soldiers laid down their weapons and came out into the notorious "no man's land" to play a game of soccer.

8:45-9:00 PM

9:00 pm
Intro to Mr Best by Robin Krasny /Bill Williams

9:06 PM

Finders Keepers
Directed by Michael Damian starring James Best
Michael Damian partnered with his writer/producer wife, Janeen, and the two formed the Television/Film Production Company, "Damian Entertainment". Together they produced the short film, "Finders Keepers" marking Damian's writing and directorial debut. Starring the veteran actors James Best and K Redeker Quinn, the film debuted at the Temecula Valley International Film Festival and screened at the Benodet Film Festival, the Festival International de Science-Fiction de Nantes, France, and the Festival International de Cinema et Television in Geneva

9:22 PM

Terminator Tomatoes
(2002,USA, 5m)
Directed by Suzanne Twining
An animated warning to growers.

9:27 PM

Burning Passion
Directed by Brian Belefant
At 14, Matthew Miller discovers he suffers from a bizarre sexual dysfunction.
Needless to say, his love life isn't exactly normal.

9:46 PM

The History of Choking (with Erick Estrada)
Directed by Abel Klainbaum
(2002, USA)
Please just trust us that you do not want to miss this groundbreaking look at the history of the Heimlich maneuver, which includes interviews with the inventor of the maneuver, clips from medical training films, and theatrical reenactments of key choking accidents in Heimlich history. If you've always wanted to giggle like a schoolgirl and then choke on a Mike-n-Ike during a movie, this is the show to do it in. "Featuring (someone named) Erick Estrada and Dr. Henry J. Heimlich himself. If you eat or know someone who eats, this video is a must." - A. Klainbaum

10:00 PM
Ending comments and Best wishes for the next year

11:00 PM
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MIFF 2002 Wrap Party at Meg O'Malley's
Presentation of the Kelly's Hard Cider "Crystal Apple" Award for the Best Film selected by the filmmakers themselves and the Indian River Brewing Company's "People's Choice" Award for Best Film selected by the attendees.


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