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(Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival)

2002 Thursday Nite Program

was Thursday September 12th 2002

MIFF 2002 Kick-Off Party was great!
Thanks to Da Kine Diego's Insane Burritos'
the films were shown at the outdoor Bamboo Theater, and the weather was great.
Thanks to all that came
Thur Nite Directions

All ages are welcome but no pets and no children under 15 unless accompanied by adult.
For more info call: (321) 779-8226.
Da Kine Diego's Bamboo Theater MIFF 2002 Kick-off Party.
Featuring a sampling of films from this year's Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.
Da Kine Diego's Insane Burritos
1360 SR A1A, Satellite Beach.
(321) 779-8226.
Thursday September 12th, 7:30 p.m.
Movies begin at 8:00 p.m.Weather permitting.
Bring lawn chairs and blankets. Donations will be accepted and T-shirts and advance tickets for the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival will be on sale.

Thursday September 12
Da Kine Diego's Insane Burrito's Bamboo Theatre

8:00 pm
Thrust into Space: How the Space Program Changed Brevard County
directed by Bill Williams
Brevard County, Florida is the only county anywhere with a history of manned space flight. From the early tests using captured V-2 rockets to the moon and beyond, Brevard has grown to international prominence along with the Space Program. This documentary explores the impact that man's race to the stars has had on the land, the people and the history of Brevard County, Florida.


Directed by Jonathan Friedman
Ron Fervent(L.Derek Leonidoff) lived a simple, contented life. He had a job, a car, a house, a future. In fact Ron's life was downrightordinary. Until somebody stole his home.


Winter Break
Directed by Nick Corirossi
An odd tale about two boys, a girl and a frog. Nick's winter break got off to a bad start until he laid eyes upon the girl he's had a crush on for many years. Of course his fat-headed friend, Joey, makes a bet to see which of the kids gets the girl first. From there the movie is pure fun with its ups and downs for both characters along with a run in with a somewhat dimwitted boy and a somewhat dead frog. Starring Nick Corirossi, Joey Rothschild, Sam Steele and Alexis Barbara.


Christian Soldiers
Directed by Richard Cecere
A Mafia soldier finds himself caught between loyalty to
his boss and his own reawakening sense of morality.

The 5th Chamber
Directed by Paxton Hare
Gary Postlethwait stars as a man whose tragic life has reached
an all time low. When he sees his ex-girlfriend (Patricia Fleming)
brutally murdered in a vision, he attempts to redeem
himself by saving her. Lee Frey and Andrew Crane co-star.

8:15 pm

Bored of the Rings
(2002, USA, 13m)
Directed by Steven Flynn
Writer-Director Steve Flynn gives us a funny, smart poke at the ridiculous events that have been added to the Olympic games in recent years, and uses archetypes from the games as a basis for some well-done characters.

8:30 pm

Moon Palace
(2001,Canada, 25 minutes)
Directed by David Weaver
An aspiring young writer plays with fate by writing custom made fortune cookie messages at the mysterious Moon Palace.

8:55 pm
Cafe Nova
(2002,Germany,12 minutes)
A place where relations find their change. An experiment of different animation styles. Produced through the teamwork of 5 animation students of the Balsberg Filmhochschule HFF"Konrad Wolf".

9:07 pm

Call of the Wild
(2002, USA, 8 mimutes)
Directed by Julia Sarcone-Roach
Tele-marketers for animals?

9:15 pm
(2001, Australia, 3 minutes)
Directed by Michael Bates
A unique method of filmmaking called Humanimation!

9:18 pm

Directed by Tony Griffin
(USA, 2001, color, 28 minutes)
A shortsighted, obituary columnist for the San Francisco Herald whose pushed around by everyone in the office, gets transformed into his hero "Dirty Harry" (Clint Eastwood) when electrocuted, while watching a tape of Dirty Harry.
The ‘new’ Harry stops a robbery, tell off his editor, takes care of the office bully,
and dances the ‘cha-cha’.
Winner- Best Short Film at 2002 Malibu International Film Festival


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