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M.I.F.F. 2004
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 MIFF history
MIFF 2003
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03-Thur Nite Program

MIFF 2002
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MIFF 2001
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In The Can
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3 Boys Productions
is proud to Present...
MIFF 2005
Call for Entries Deadline: July 4th

Please don't forget to visit our new comic magazine site
Students of the Unusual

MIFF 2005
(Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival)
A Global Film Festival ~

Call for Entries Deadline: July 4th
In Beautiful...
Melbourne, Florida - The Cradle of Independent Film
November 10th, 11th & 12th, 2005!!!

The proceeds from MIFF 2005 will benefit

Unconditional Love, Inc.

Yellow Umbrella

The M.I.F.F. 2005 has a great cause...
The MIFF is unique among the film festival circuit because all the money
raised goes to support two needy charities. This is a festival for filmmakers put on by filmmakers. So make your reservations now! Spread the word, mark your calendars, and do everything not to miss this event.
The dates of this years MIFF are September 8-10th!

Unconditional Love, Inc.
Unconditional Love, Inc. is a free standing, private not for profit
multidisciplinary HIV+ patient care center. As a result of the efforts of the
directors, staff, and volunteers, even the most disenfranchised HIV infected
residents of Brevard County can receive state of the art medical care.
Donations from individuals and organizations as well as fundraisers such as
this year's M.I.F.F. 2005 allows Unconditional Love, Inc. to continue.
100% of the M.I.F.F. 2005 proceeds go directly to patient assistance.

Yellow Umbrella
Helps to prevent child abuse by providing a parent aide program, community education, and other programs/activities which promote positive and nurturing parenting.

Contact Info...

Please send comments/ Inquiries
Terry Cronin

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