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Was September 8th 2000!

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M.I.F.F. 2000 Street Party
(Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival)

September 8th 2000!

Last years M.I.F.F. 2000 Street Party had a cause too...
Unconditional Love, Inc.

Unconditional Love, Inc. is a free standing, private not for profit multidisciplinary HIV+ patient care center. As a result of the efforts of the directors, staff, and volunteers, even the most disenfranchised HIV infected residents of Brevard county can receive state of the art medical care. Donations from individuals and organizations as well as fundraisers such as this year's M.I.F.F. 2000 allows Unconditional Love, Inc. to continue. One hundred percent of proceeds go directly to patient assistance.


The Street Party was a success...

The downtown Street Party has been extended a FULL city block, this means 3 blocks of fun for all.
The Street Party will feature two stages and the list of bands keeps growing.

Meet The Bands

DrDeruelle.gif (43193 bytes)
Doctor Deruelle
A local physician and songwriter

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Michael Funge & Bill Sansbury
Irish entertainers
AshReeder.gif (22595 bytes)
Ash Reeder
A noted local cajun-style performer

Doctor Deruelle, local physician and songwriter, Michael Funge & Bill Sansbury, Irish entertainers, and Ash Reeder, noted local cajun-style performer, have volunteered to perform at the Friday Fest in Downtown
Melbourne on September 8th. Cinnamon & Sugar, the teen girl duo from Miami, will also make an appearance. The September 8th Friday Fest will also feature the TIN CAN JETS and be presented in conjunction with the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (MIFF 2000) on September 9th.This year the
MIFF will be raising money for the local indigent patient care center, Unconditional Love, Inc., which is dire need of assistance.
Cinnamon&Sugar.gif (17544 bytes)
Cinnamon & Sugar
The teen girl duo from Miami.
TinCanJets.gif (26598 bytes)
A local Rock Band




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